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Time is money, and this sentiment proves exceptionally true when first creating a business. By purchasing a premade logo, we can simplify and streamline the creation of your company identity. Let Hartfieldesign take control of the design so you can get back to business. Each one of a kind logo will be removed from the selling page and added to my portfolio once it is sold.


How much does this cost?


Each logo is $750. This price includes the incorporation of your company name. Additional customizations are subject to additional charge. Rates vary depending on the amount of desired customization. This purchase includes 3 different size png’s for digital use, a cmyk version for print, and the .ai files. 

If you are looking for a custom logo from start to finish, please see my page with corporate identity packages.

How will you know that you have a one of a kind?

Every logo purchased will be removed from the selling page and added to my logo portfolio. This provides complete transparency of all the designs I have sold. If desired, I can include your company’s website and business information underneath the archived logo- free advertising for your company!

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